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Rating Post
1 Koi half sleeve/chest plate by qbnlykwhoa
Just got this done yesterday. My first tattoo and I love the way it is coming it out already. Going back sometime in early August to start the colorin
2 UPDATE: ALMOST DONE! -- booked with dan henk in jan by should
UPDATE: ALMOST DONE! Well i know its been a while since my last update, but the sleeve is almost complete! Only one more session to go. Ill be doing
3 living with 3/4 sleeve issues? by Mustard
Hi all spoke with the artist late last week about my idea for my first ink. Me and my 2 brothers will be getting basically the same theme. He me
4 New Japanese Sleeve Koi Waves Cherry blossoms by cccunnin This is my brand new tattoo, let me know what you guys think about!!
5 Plan to turn first tat into a half sleeve, any tips? by LTerry94
Got my first tat a week ago (picture taken the morning after), with intentions to turn it into a half sleeve to cover my forearm. I plan to incorp
6 Half sleeve almost completed by ics
I have one more sitting to go but wanted to know what everyone thought. This black and grey was done using actual grey ink. I find it looks kind of b
7 Half Sleeve Wrist to Elbow by SladdyDeeve
Hello, getting the outline of my half sleeve next week. Its going to be traditional Japanese black and gray, starting from my wrist and finishing at m
8 3/4 sleeve first session. (pics) by Sirhc
The pics arent the great quality, my camera pretty much sux. But you can get an idea. The tattoo is a Ki-rin kinda running down my arm, with cherry bl
9 How long for your half sleeve? by ijpearson
Took my artist 3 1/2 hours for the outline. Estimating about 8-10 total once we add in shading and color. Charges $120 an hour. How long do you u
10 Adding on to a tattoo by thatmetalchick
I got my first tattoo on a whim earlier this year and I'm desperate to get inked again (it's insanely addicting). Here's my tattoo: [img:fd03c8e01
11 My Japanese Based Sleeve by cccunnin My first tattoo is based on my fascination with japanese art. I love
12 Getting my first tat by InkStarMan
What sleeve do you recommend? I am getting it. Help?
13 beginning sleeve w/ different style by bigtommy20
yo, i'm new here had a few questions on some advice. currently i have 2 tattoo's.[img] [/img] w
14 Tipping the artist question by SoCalBrian
I am about to start a sleeve that will take about 6 3-hour sessions and am curious about tipping (would love to hear from artists on this). I am gues
15 Looking for a hand designing a background for a sleeve by CheshireMac
Hey folks. I'm brand new to this site, and I'm not sure if I'm in the right spot, or even the right spot, but here goes . . . My next project is two
16 Need to find a Phoenix area Artist for Recoloring by jphhock
Hi....this is my first post on this Forum. I have sleaves done by Thom Devita of NYC. I am looking for an artist that it good at
17 Which one of these tattoo artists should I choose by mirroridentity
Hi, I'm a new member and I was wondering if anyone experienced with assessing tattooing skill and styles could help me out with a decision. I want
18 Greek Mythology - Poseidon Color Sleeve - NYC Artist by ym1775
Hey guys, I am looking to get a full color sleeve done and I've had a really hard time finding an artist that can take on this project as what I wa
19 My new sleeve by steve_eaton
i just spent five hours the other day doing part of the outline on my half sleeve its a dragon that goes from my chest to my elbow and is surrounded b
20 Travellers first tattoo ideas by Mattyj43
I've done a fair bit of travelling over the last few years and I think getting a sleeve with a symbol or landmark from each country I've been to would
21 Mermaid Half Sleeve Help!! by iljdpotcrms
Hey everyone! So I have these two mermaid tattoos on my forearm and wanted to get a half sleeve done that would pretty much just be different mermaids


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