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1 First Tattoo, need advice on style, color and artist by Hklover
Hey everyone, Didn't really know whether to put this in first tattoo or tattoo artist&studio. Here is a basic idea of what I would like but
2 recommend me a talented female tattoo artist in FL/southeast by saltrubbedeyes
I'm looking for a very talented female tattoo artist in Florida or a neighboring state (preferably Florida, though) to do a fairly big tattoo. The de
3 Is this far fetched? Please help! by tencents71
I'm 33 years old and looking for a career change, into tattoo art. I have a background varied in industrial/graphic/and comic book design and have fin
4 Beginner looking for guidance. Please help! by cargut04
Hey hows it goin everyone? I live in Vegas and I am very interseted in learning how to tattoo. I am pretty descent at free handing stuff, but I want t
5 Rasheed Wallace (the NBA star) was sued by his tattoo artist by bobdolejr
Here is a link to the story.... Basic story... A Por
6 paying for apprentanceship by hurt228
what are your guys veiws on paying someone to apprentance me ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ :shock: :shock: :sh
7 Apprentice tid-bits.... by snaggle puss
Okay, I have a question to ask, and I know I'm not the first. I am currently working on my art portfolio and trying to bring it to the level t
8 Any good artist in the Dallas/Fortworth Area?? by TDasch
Hey guys I am new to this forum, I have read through a lot of the threads but just now decided to register. I currently live in Mansfield Tx right
9 I have a ? by IlllIIllIIll
My boyfriend wants to become a tattoo artist and has the talent to do it but i want to know what it is that he needs to do to get a license in Virgini
10 japanese half sleeve by HOTSLK
im looking for a great tattoo artist in miami florida or any near places, some friend recommend me albert jeffers on ft lau. what do you thing about
11 Tattoo flash by just383
I own a small Tattoo shop and the flash I have came from cherry creek and my teacher.Don't shoot me....I got on ebay and bought 1500 sheets of bootleg
12 Sint Maartin by The River Pirate
I found a really good tattoo artist on Sint Maarten (the Dutch side of Saint Marten) in the West Indies. Baix at Baix Tattoo is great, fine lines, gr
13 Philip Leu by kat
Does anyone know the artist whereabouts of Philip Leu at present?
14 Getting Started by -mxguy93
Hey guys i have been drawing for a little while now and want to move on to tattoos my question is b4 i actually give a tattoo what would be a good sta
15 Need advice from professional. by Kashmir
First I would like to say i am 19 (will be 20 in may) and im currently looking for an apprenticeship. However, im not sure what day i should go in tha
16 Needles by mikey543
Hey all , Recently about 7 months ago I started my apprenticeship here in newjersey at Al's tattoos. My apprenticeship was 100% free. Once he saw
17 Looking to get a tattoo? artists in your area. by TatBidsoOrg is a first of its kind tattoo lead search service designed to better assist you in finding the best tattoo artist for your tattoo needs.
18 how do i find a GOOD artist by SoCalJen
this may be a weird question to ask but ... how do i find a GOOD artist? I got my first tattoo over a year ago, maybe 2, but the guy who did it di
19 Apprentice Pay Scale by JVS
I was just curious what the different Mentors here do with their Apprentices as far as pay scale goes?
20 BETA NOW RELEASED!!!! BRAND NEW TATTOO NETWORK by global1 is a brand new tattoo networking website for tattoo lovers, artist/designers, and shops! Tattoo Lovers You get the most fun you get
21 Tattoo Artist by soloink2012
Tattoo Artist looking for a job, and New location. I have 4 and a half years experience in a shop, at Brutal Naiton Ink, In Odessa Texas, Have many c
22 Established SHOP seeks artist/manager by Astatia
Permanent Ink is an established tattoo parlor (7+ yr) seeking like minded artists. Clientele is diverse including but not limited to portraits, single
23 Looking For Tattoo Artist by
I am looking for the tattoo artist who did my lower back artwork (a tribal scorpion). His name is Jose. He is of spaniard & dominican descent and
24 NEW WITH YA'LL by tully
:twisted: Hey guys and gals I'm new to the tat forum. :oops: but I would like to say I've been tattooing for 13 years. and this site looks like it
25 Looking for Michael from Body Image Tattoo in ATL, HELP! by SweetSubversive
I got a spy vs. spy tattoo on me about 4 years ago at a shop on Spring St. in downtown Atlanta at a shop called Body Image Tattoo. An artist named Mic
26 TATTOO ARTIST - HALF PRICE INK IN SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Tattooaaron
Hi my names aaron, im 20years old, ive been tattooing for a year, if your intrested in getting some ink call me, text me, or email me. rm125_pro@ho
27 Chelsea, MA Tattoo Shop looking to hire 2 tattoo artists... by SkinVixXxenTattoo
We are looking to hire 2 tattoo artists who are experienced enough to handle a variety of tattooing styles such as portrait & life like tattoo wor
28 Tattoo Artist Wanted by sasha67
Chrome Gardens will have a full-time position open for a tattoo artist on Jan. 1, 2006 If you are interested in working in a clean, up scale, professi
We are a very busy here is little ole Utah and in need of artists to help bring balance to the shop as right now we work too much without enough breat
30 BETA NOW RELEASED!!!! BRAND NEW TATTOO NETWORK by global1 is a brand new tattoo networking website for tattoo lovers, artist/designers, and shops! Tattoo Lovers You get the most fun you get
31 Tattoo Artist Needed London UK by PainDivine
Hi All, We are looking for a tattooist to join us on a permanent basis. We'd like someone who specialises in Old School, New School or Japanese cu
32 Calling all Tattoo Artists! I need to pick your brains :) by alicegracehammerton
Hi everyone :) I'm new here and doing some research on tattoos for my dissertation at uni. I'm trying to get some idea of opinions and views of peo
33 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL for tattoo artists and studios. by TatBidsoOrg
Tattoo Artists, looking to know who wants a tattoo in your area first? Tat bids was built to provide you a way to reach customers and build a strong


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