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1 recommend me a talented female tattoo artist in FL/southeast by saltrubbedeyes
I'm looking for a very talented female tattoo artist in Florida or a neighboring state (preferably Florida, though) to do a fairly big tattoo. The de
2 Questions on how to tell if artistis good or right for you by maclec
How do you tell if a artist is for real. I have been in a few shops .Some seem to be clean but not good in the art department or high price for cheap
3 Bagging your machines by CxCx
My mentor has been bagging his machines for about the past 5 years when he works. He considers it just another safety precaution but told me recently
4 Raised tattoos by ImurSuperman142
I have 6 tattoo I have te Superman "S" on my back with the american flag in it. then a tribal arm bad and some words on my left arm( 2 seperate ones).
5 I need the best portrait artist in AZ, who is it? by bullballs88
Can anybody help me? Im getting a portrait and i want the best in AZ. Phoenix in particular. Who is it? Price is not an issue.
6 I need a good artist by xvii
Im looking to hire a good artist, who is able to custom draw to a clients need. If you think you are a great artist, send me your portfolio. djlimano@
7 So... by Anti Gravity
My tattoo artist/friend of 5 years moved 3000 miles away 2 months ago. I always told him he would be the only person to ever tattoo me. He is a really
8 Tattoo artist's take on scratchers? by openminded
I've been more than a tattoo enthusiast for a while now. I have developed a love for tattoos and tattoo art in general through being an enthusiast, an
9 new to site by tat2tx
is there a tech. forum or is it all open here? i dont realy have any ?'s realy i just like reading some of the shit people ask and say. i am a wo
10 NJ & PA people help! by adamosity
I am going to be getting my first tattoo in a few months, I live in central NJ. If anyone could recommend me any parlors that are clean, quality, reas
11 Boston and Framingham, MA. Tattoo Parlor looking for Artists by joeyp
To all Tattoo Artists ,Piercers and Cosmetic Tattooists - Hello and how are you all doing? I am looking for a couple of EXPERIENCED Tattoo Arti
12 tattoo designs... by cacye
Does anyone know of a website that has pictures of original designs like memorial tattoos or tribal designs with names in them ...things like that sin
13 it is alive by tat2tx
my web site went public stop by check it out let me what Ya'll think..
14 lookin for tattoo artist by AXmichigan
hey is anyone a tattoo artist in the washington dc/maryland area?
15 Random thoughts by TatsbyBones
I am starting a guest spot at a new shop tomorrow, and being a little retarded about change, I am having trouble sleeping- and this is what I was layi
16 Questions on time estimate and artist collaboration by ZenZhu
Newbie to the forum and getting a tattoo here with a couple of questions. I'm contemplating getting an armband tattoo influenced by Polynesian, Marqu
17 Amazing Website by allie40
post pics of ya tats you spammer bitch
18 Now Hiring Tattoo Artists by inkedthree
Hart & Huntington is hiring staff and tattoo artists for its new shop in Cabo, Mexico! Bring a photograph and copies of your artwork (sorry, they
19 This is probably a foolish question by skydiver12
I know that the tattoo industry has awards that they give out for "Top Quality", and hold conventions across the country. My questions are:
20 Places to Get Custom Tattoos, CD Covers, and Logos Designed by KajinRoze
Here are a few links to some sites that are taking bids for custom tattoo designs. Tattoo artists bid on the projects then design for the customers. H
22 were are they now? by tinkerbell27
i am looking for a tattoo artist that at one point was in michigan for a time about 5 years ago. i do not know if he is still there or not but if you
23 LOOKIN JOB by tatuato
REALLY enthusiasthic 26 tattoo artist from Florence Lookin for job in professional studio. As tattooist u can see I like realism but I'm too versatil
24 Free links to tattoo studios by Inkalicious
Any tattoo studio in need for free links from our tattoo website, send me a PM or email to netvertising a+ gmail d0t com. We need your website URL
25 Calling all Tattoo Artists! I need to pick your brains :) by alicegracehammerton
Hi everyone :) I'm new here and doing some research on tattoos for my dissertation at uni. I'm trying to get some idea of opinions and views of peo


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