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1 4 tattoos and only 17years of age by sheep103
I have 4 tattoos and im only 17. I am a student living in Redditch, UK. I love the tattoos I have and would like to have more in the future. I have th
2 Looking for a tattoo design???? by BadWolf
Quit wasting time on the internet, and go to a tattoo studio where they have an actual artist, and ask them w
3 do artists get offended? by AXmichigan
hey i wanna getta tattoo... but i dont wnat it to be bad in anyway.. obviously im scared that if i dont bring a design in then it will suck b
4 Tattoo Designs on my body by Tress
5 tattoo designs... by cacye
Does anyone know of a website that has pictures of original designs like memorial tattoos or tribal designs with names in them ...things like that sin
6 Looking for my Moon (1st Tatoo!!) Please HELP!! by Eva Luna
First of all I will like to introduce myself, as this is my first message in this forum. My name is Eva, and I have always had some kind of str
7 PLEASE help me!!!! by char75803
I am about to get my first tattoo and I pretty much know what i want, but i dont have a tattoo artist yet and i want to go to the place with the tatto
8 Amazing Website by allie40
post pics of ya tats you spammer bitch
9 Tattoos, Tattoo Designs,Tattoo Info and Help by azazel696
Tattoo Info and Help ,Tattoo Procedure, Tattoo Designs ,Tattoo Aftercare, Tattoo Removal , Tattoo Health risks and ... [code:1:080aa9c14f]http:
10 Gallery of tattoo design by justforkicks23
I just made a website with gallery of people with tattoos. Have a look at it and get inspired on your next piece.
11 Question for Artist by grappledog
Hello, I am interested having one of your artists create a pic of the cartoon character, Marvin the Martain in a karate suit (GI) appr
12 Places to Get Custom Tattoos, CD Covers, and Logos Designed by KajinRoze
Here are a few links to some sites that are taking bids for custom tattoo designs. Tattoo artists bid on the projects then design for the customers. H
13 Wizard of Oz by Thorrax
Hello Friends, I am new to your site, but was told this may be the best place to help me. I am a big Wizard of Oz fan, and I am looking to find
14 Looking for a design... by CxCx
A customer that I'm working with paints cars and motorcycles for a living. He has done this since the late 70's and wants to get a tattoo of a Spray g
15 I am in search of..... by PrincessaKerrin
Hey everyone. I am in search of pictures of crosses, but not just any cross. i am looking for crosses that are rugged looking. My friend is designi
16 I'd like some opinions about altering this design please.. by mrelwooddowd
I've searched and searched for just the right phoenix, and I finally found something I like. I'm not so sure about the colors, though, and would like
17 Just Published My New Tattoo Blog... by AttiCibulya
Hi, I'm a starter Web Publisher, and want say I have two tattoos on my right arm, I have interest about blogging and doing busines and so on... My fir


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