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Forum >> All Tags >> tattoo flash
Rating Post
1 Tattoo flash brand new site aait! by Cybertron
Check this out..
2 I have a design that i designed how to i get a flash for it by xeon2304
Hi doews anyone know if it is possible to get a flash made for a specific design. does the design have to be just the outline with no colour. [/img]
3 Marketing question for the pros? by SuprmdlJack
:oops: Forgive me, I am new to this, and have yet to read through the other topics to see if this question has already been posed. I have been drawi
4 Another Newbie Question by dieasgrey
Hey! Im an artist and i designed a tattoo for a friend to get and i have no idea of the process of the whole stencil thing. Will they make one from my
5 Question about Tattoo's by KidNicky
I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time now. I also design my own tattoos and keep flashes in a binder. The type of tattoo that I want wil


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