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1 4 tattoos and only 17years of age by sheep103
I have 4 tattoos and im only 17. I am a student living in Redditch, UK. I love the tattoos I have and would like to have more in the future. I have th
2 Looking for a tattoo design???? by BadWolf
Quit wasting time on the internet, and go to a tattoo studio where they have an actual artist, and ask them w
3 tribal tattos by cb3dwa
hi. just a quick question on tribal tattoos. does any one know a good site for tribal tatoos. lookinjg to get something on the shoulder.
4 So Fla Artists? by motopsyko32
OK, so some 2 years ago, i started a Tribal tat on my arm and lately I have the itch to extend it and make it bigger. I went to the place that origina
5 What Do You Have?? by sheep103
I am intrested in what other people have as tattoos and why you had them. Plus how many do you have? Tom
6 Help me by kim_n_zee
Please help me find a tattoo that symbolizes change. I know that a butterfly symbolizes change but that is so common. Does anyone have any advice? I'm
7 This Is A Must Have For All Tattoo Artists And Lovers..... by chidananda
Tattoo Me Now is a place for people who love getting inked and want inspira
8 What should I add to my tattoo ?? by ChynaManwhich
I would like to know what I can do to improve this tattoo. Sometimes I feel it looks like it was stamped on. Could someone please suggest what I shoul
9 problem by elen
i have just had my second tattoo (two stars, just the outline) its very plain! the ouline is very thin and it looks as if someone has drawn on me with
10 Questions about Original Tattoos, Ink Colors and More! by Jenna
First of all, what a wonderful message board this is. I really hope to get the advice of some of the resident tattoo artists here. I really want to
11 i am looking for this certain tattoo, can anyone help me fin by daisy729
I saw it on a site i can't remeber. it was a year ago and i have been through so many sites looking for it. it is a silhouette tribal tatto. it is a
12 need tat drawn..will pay by moonlitegirl
I am a tattoo nut and I am getting ready to get some new work...I want my back to be done but I have this fucking dragon between my shoulders that off
13 Program to help u design a tattoo? by Stanged4lyfe
Is there a program to help you design a tatoo, because I am not good at drawing what i have in mind so I need a lil' help? So if anybody can help,
14 Angel wings.... where can i see pics of them at? by Heaven_Sent21
Well i have been on here for hours looking for a site to show me some damn angel wings so i can get an idea. i know i want them , just curious to see
15 colors for dark skin by drrtyangel87
I want to get a small 1.5 by 1.5 inch tattoo of a pair of angels wings. i want to have the wings shaded in with white and baby blue. im black and
16 Opinions on Eeyore tattoo??? by zpak
I am considering getting an Eeyore tattoo... this is the sad but optimistic donkey on Winnie the Pooh. When I was looking online for images I ran i
17 Good site for tattoo ideas and pictures? by squale
Hi, just to introduce myself, I am from northern NJ, 25 years old, white male, I currently have no tattoos. I was looking to get a tattoo most likely
18 please help me by thekingrancher
hey everyone, i'm new here and i'm going this weekend to get a new tattoo. i want a largemouth bass jumping or something like that on the top of my a
19 Opinions/insight required from those with opinions/insight by Frangelisair
Hello all, Hoping some of you can share your opinions/knowledge on some things I am wondering. I've been thinking about getting a tatt
20 tatto for top of foot by Krystal18
I am looking for a tatto of a fairy or pixie to put on the top of my foot with the names of my two sons, but cant find a pic. Please help. Thanks to
21 Electric Cross Tattoo!?! by g_train270
Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, and everything, so yeah. However, i'm hear for a rather specific purpose... I want to know what people think of
22 Looking for Artist or help on creating tatt by bogeyone001
i am looking for someone who can create a diver's tatt or something ive really been looking for is a tatt of an army soldier in camo standing at atte
23 500th Topic. by caspertheghost
Im so No really,I`ve decided on my new tattoo and going tomorrow to talk with the artist.Its gonna be a view from the back of a guy sittin
24 Tattoo ideas by killershark_01
I am looking for a specific type of tattoo... but where ever I search I come up blank... I am a huge hockey fan.. (I know, I know.. no hockey this
25 I'm in need of tattoo ideas by luv2gohuntn
Hi I'm a mother of two teenagers and just turned 40....WOOHOO I currently have two tattoos. A walleye on my right ankle and a loon on m
26 Has anyone seen that tattoo somewhere? by Andy
Ok here's what i'm looking for: The picture I need is like two hands (not praying hands) which look like giving a hand shake but they seem getting
27 Suggestions for my next tattoo by cutter
Im really big into hunting, fishing, guns/shooting, and cars. I would like to get something that has to do with that. Now these are the things i was t
28 Amazing Website by allie40
post pics of ya tats you spammer bitch
29 tattoo ideas by biggn85
i have 2 tribal designs one of them is like a weird one i dont know if
30 help needed by shazzy8704
hey, i need sum help, off somebody. i want a new tattoo. i want a snake wrapped round a dagger an i need 2 find sum pics 2 show me tatto man. any help
31 tattoo sites by tattoo?
looking for tattoo sites and abstract zodiac symbols thanx
32 Wizard of Oz by Thorrax
Hello Friends, I am new to your site, but was told this may be the best place to help me. I am a big Wizard of Oz fan, and I am looking to find
33 Brain Trauma Survivor by jonesato
My brother-in-law had a brain hemorrhage about 3 years ago and he is thinking about getting a tattoo. He wanted me to help try and find a design. Th
34 UV and White tattoos by caspertheghost
I looking around for good ideas for my next tattoo when I run across a guy who has NEVER DIE in white ink on his wrist.Its pretty nice.Its suttle but
35 trying to find a very detailed, latino styled artist. by doby93
ive been to a lot of shops trying to have a design drawn up but i cant seem to find the right fit. the tat would be from middle of the chest to the le
36 Filler by englishdog
I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with an idea for a good filler for my sleeves, Iam doing tr
37 Seven deadly sins by Samtha


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