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Forum >> All Tags >> tattoo laws
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1 Virginia Age-Law question. by CAINE
I am 15 years of age, and I have been thinking about getting a tattoo, and I live in the state of Virginia, and the law says, . "No person shal
2 confused about laws in illinois by Skaface7
hey everyone im a noob here. well i live in IL i'm 16 and want my first tattoo i been researching for years and i know what i want and im sure about i
3 Finally, Sanity Comes to The state by Tannim
Somone in Oklahoma Finally figured out a way around the No Tattoo laws. So now I have a question. Since this is a brand new studio (just opened yest
4 tattoo laws by bobdolejr
I'm looking to write about varying tattoo laws throughout the country. However, I've been unable to find any concrete websites that have laws for all
5 Age Question by Jspree12
If im younger than 18 but I have a parent with me will I be able to get a tattoo? Thanks in advance... By the way, I live in Texas.
6 Legal defense fund for tattooing by 4leafclover
Does anybody know what the legal defense fund for tattooing is about? And where can I read about it? I tried a google search and did'nt find anything.
7 age requirements by gatti
how old do you have to be to get a tatoo without your parents consent in connecticut? there any websites that i can write to artists and ask
8 Hey Badwolf and friends....need some help.. by just383
I wanted to see if this sounds right to you.The city where I live has tryed to shut me down for the past 3 years,Just to piss them off more I tryed to
9 starting a shop by ta2edcowboy
can anyone tell me what all is required legally to start a shop,i live in ohio & would love to know what i have to do to get set up


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