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1 Best tattoed WOMEN by leaf
Hi I went on a 5 month hitchhiking journey around the US and on the way I got a tattoo in Gainesville Florida by a tattoo artist known as Suzi
2 looking for a pic... by flaming_blades
A few years back i saw a picture of a magazine cover that had a girl with a tattoo of a large scorpion on her stomach wraping around to her back. I th
3 opinions on being tattooed by famous tattooing artists? by chrometattoo
Ok, I was wondering about this. Myself and everyone else oogles over tattoes in Savage/Tattoo magazine. People featured in there many times have wor
4 Alice In Wonderland by LookingGlass
Looking for wonderland here. Savage Tattoo magazine had a tattoo called Psychotic Alice In Wonderland. I think that it was either in April of 2004 or
5 looking for Tatu Arte magazine by aarondaletattoos
does any-one know were i can get 10 or ? copies of this re


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