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Forum >> All Tags >> tattoo prices
Rating Post
1 Anyone know how much this would cost me? by Sublime
Hey, well I plan on getting my first tattoo next wed and I have an appointment for some place in portland...anyways i was wondering the price range th
2 First time....couple of questions... by ABE_2005
I'm planning on getting my first tattoo in about a month or so and I've almost come to a conclusion on what i want to get but before i make my decisio
3 tattoo pricing? by montana boy
hey guys, im thinking about getting a tattoo, and i was just wondering if any of you could give me an estimate on how much something like this would c
4 Pricing by chikinpns
About how much would a Marylin Monroe tattoo run me? I'm wanting to get one w/ her doing that shoulder pose. My hip bones kind of stick out, and I was
5 ABOUT COST by littleone6581
I am looking at this type of tattoo,and possibly design, for me. I WOULD LOVE IT IF SOMEONE COULD TELL ME AN ESTIMATE COST ? PLEASE.... :D ? [img:8d
6 first tattoo by smileyrm
what will this tattoo cost me about it will be on my arm and it about 5" in d
7 priceing help please?? by andre101090
ok this is the tattoo i want and was wondering around how much i aam looking at....its gonna be the same size as in the pic and on my right arm.. h
8 Tattoo Prices. by veta
I have a friend that is an artist in his own right. His free hand drawings are a thing of beauty. And he can do this not only with pen and or pencil
9 COSTS!!!!! by mlegrace3
What approximately would the cost be of 6 star tattoos ranging in the size of a dime to a quarter? all in color?????[color=red:8e3e6471d
10 much will this cost me by majikish
i intend to get a tattoo in less than three weeks on my 18th birthday. i was wondering if someone could help me figure out how much it would be to
11 Tipping by ramzev1
I've seen a couple comments that mention tipping. What would be a suitable tip for say a $150 tat? My artist has done two of my tats and he's great. I
12 Tattoo Prices by puppylove374
What are the price ranges of tattoos? do they go by size and if you want color?
13 cost question by hellmasker
can anyone tell me roughly how much something like this would cost(without the words) im gonna ge
14 How much by poohjl
Hey interested in getting a tattoo. Attached is a picture of it, Please tell me how much would you charge for this? To view go to [url]http


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