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1 Tattoo fading before it's healed? by JingForlorn
So tuesday i got my first tattoo, I'm 18, In a state [south Carolina] that just legalized tattooing. and i wanted a sentimental tattoo. it was home do
2 "jailhouse" tattoos, at-home-ink by dresdenrose
"Jailhouse" tattoos, self-tattoo, whatever you'd call it, I'm sure you all know what it is. Using a needle and usually some liquid ink foun
3 Vancouver japanese tattoo by raijin
Hi all - I'm new here! I am moving to Vancouver in 4 weeks and I need to find a good traditional Japanaese tattoo artist for my backpiece...I am st
4 Bird Tattoos? by ericfisher
I've been noticing that a lot of people (including myself) are starting to get designs of birds done. Anyone else notice this? Anyone getting birds d
5 How did you know you were ready? by sidneytttt
I've been seriously thinking about getting a tattoo, but I don't know if I 100% want something so perminate. I do know that ultimately it is only up t
6 Lifeguard getting a tattoo by jNOmoney
I am getting my first tattoo soon. It's going to be the word "Everchanging" across the top of my chest. I am going to be lifeguarding this s
7 Apprentice seeking advice by ApprenticeJ
I'm pretty sure everyone has the same general opinion, thanks. If anyone can delete the thread/account, please do.
8 hepatitis by hooves
The other day, one of the transcription girls was typing up a report for a patient for the floors. She turns and says outloud to us, "Wow, this p
9 My First time....!? Any stories? Advice? by BetAnd
HI! Ok--so I wrote something like a long time ago and I haven't been good checking out the forum frequently but I was doing a project on tattoos in
10 NEW Wolf Tattoo- RATE IT. by TattooT0M
Yesterday was the day, sat down in the chair for three hours and it hurt like hell it certain spots but was worth it. Check out the new INK and let me
11 celtic symbol for brother by leprakkon
i have been searching for a celtic/irish symbol for "brother" or "brotherhood," but i can only find the symbol for sisterhood. it
12 paw print tattoo?? by kittykattcandace
hey guys im wanting to get cat paw prints pu my back and going inbetween my chest but i dunno if it will be very painful..+ i kno what i want but i ca
13 New, first tattoo, back piece by saskpirate
My new tattoo! ( excuse the redness on the first one it was taken the day of ) I have been toying around with this idea for about 3 or 4 years now,
14 First Tattoo...EEK by MeL22
Hey guys! I'm getting my first tattoo ever on this coming Thursday! I'm getting my grandpa's enitials in the middle of some a
15 Jeff Gogue piece, artists in NJ, NY or PA? by solomonvtp
I was wondering if it was possible to turn
16 I've come to think of a very cool tattoo motive, but... by Muo
...but has it yet been made? Imagine a tattoo going from the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve to around the shoulder not s
17 foreign language tattoos where to go to get them right??? by REEKADO
:? I want to get my mother and fathers names on my feet in another language but I am worried about it being done wrong and then not meaning anything
18 Be on TV AND get a FREE TATTOO by InkmasterNYC
LOOKING TO GET INKED? TRY SPIKE TV Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series Are you all inked up and rea
20 Tattoo a scar? by NametabRelyt
I was wondering if it hurt? I have a large scar about half the size of the side of my torso and plan to get Goo
21 Tattoos and Other Body Modification in the Workplace. Canada by Panic
There has been a discrimination issue across Canada for a very long time and I think it’s about time we put an end to it. Business’ have been permi
22 Like my new tattoo ? by eddie91
Do you like my new tattoo ? I don`t like how he done the date ( 20 09 05 ) :( W
23 Time Tattoo by Throrindor
I am looking for a tattoo that captures the essence of time as I see it, and I've look at different examples on different websites, but I didn't like
24 Outer Heaven, Ashton under lyne and why you should go! by Dracoson
I just recently had a tattoo done at outer heaven, my girlfriend had a piercing done too, I can honestly say that its the best work i have on my whole
25 Convention Tattoo Nightmare! by Nutella248
I attended a tattoo convention last weekend and ended up getting a new piece. It appeared to be healing up fine until about three days ago...there ar
26 Unique face tattoo request - tattoo a shaven look by flyinhi
This is purely out of vanity. I have unbalance facial hair growth. I've always kept it cleanly shaven but you can still tell the 'blank' spots from
27 Oak tree - My first Tattoo by Miskay
Hello :wink: It took me about 2 years to decide and make sure i want a tattoo, where i want it and how it will look. I decided to an oak tree
28 Advice on Placement! by TattooT0M
As many of you know, I've been posting this Scorpion tattoo from MKX for a month now asking for artists and I finally found one. Dmitry Vision: ht
29 New Tattoo by mrvizard
30 Tattoo Sketchbook by beardedduder
I just bought this tattoo sketchbook online, and I must say it's pretty cool. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of other tattoo enthusiast and
31 Searching for a painter by MrMoon
Dear Community, I want to get my second Tattoo and it should be drawn according to the lyrics of a german song. Now I want to ask you, if you know a
32 swelling a year later? HELP!! by darkstar3569
i have a tattoo on my forearm of a dragon and i got it a year ago and about six months after i got it the tail swelled up going around the outside my
33 My First Tattoo by sAmFrOmHaY
hi there, im only 16 going on 17 in November but i already love tattoos, i am a very good artist in my eyes and i have submited designs to my fathe
34 Price This Please? :D by PandaMolleh
Getting it on the underside of left forearm. Probably 3 1/2 - 4 inches long. I know that I shouldn't get someone elses tattoo, but when I saw this it
35 Need help with back peice by Clrinehart1
im trying to get an entire back peice done, i have a plynesian left sleeve, and a japanese shi-shi dog right sleeve done already. now i want my whole
36 New tattoo smudging? by MusicallyLoved
So I just got my first tattoo 5 days ago. It's peeling and everything, which I know is normal. But when I woke up this morning, I noticed ink outside
37 my first tattoo idea.(need opinions) by onexstarxstory
my mother is paying for a tattoo for me for christmas. my idea is a dream catcher between my shoulder blades and 2 thin cords intertwining down my s
38 Leg Sleeve Project by Buymytattoo
Hi Everyone, I'm working on a leg sleeve project. You can find my site here: I put this site together to attract gen
39 What's your thought process on choosing a tattoo? Need tips by sniktbykb
Hi everyone. Almost two weeks after getting my first tattoo, I feel the addiction's already kicked in and i've booked a second sitting for the comi
40 tattoo business card collection by stevemic
hi my name is steve de jong and im 17 years old and i am a huge tattoo business card collector and i am always looking to expand my collection,so i
41 First tattoo, AFTERCARE? by Pan_da
I got my very first tattoo yesterday. For aftercare i was told to apply ointment 5-7 times a day, but after reading up on this , most information tel
42 have an idea for a tattoo, anyone seen any like this? by dhowie315
something like the sign from the titty bar in the movie striptease. maybe like a girl on her knees with a beaver tail and ears, blond or brunnette, do
43 Tattoo healing project by JarrodP
Hi all, I am new here but i am working on something that is hopefully interesting to everyone. I am a researcher who loves tattoos and one of th
44 9/11 memorial by bksonenonly
i kno this is totally random and from a long time ago but i was thinking of gettin a tattoo on my back for the 9/11 attacks. i plan to get a picture
45 Where would be a good place for this tattoo? by crystalnoelie
Im really thinking of getting a tattoo of something in french. Most of my family is french and i just think it would look nice. This will be my first
46 5 day old tat by gen1127
hey im a newb to tattoos nd stuff i just got my new tat 5 days ago and im not sure if its just me but it seems ashy or even like dry but the color see
47 Tattoo Design by danielaustin
Hey everyone i need ideas for a tattoo. Im male so any good ideas would be great. I dont want just like "skull" or "dragon" i want
49 Wrist tattoo that is extremely raised/bubbled. by xLiLi
My bf got a tattoo on his wrist in July or so. It seemed to have healed at first. But now, 6 months later, his tattoo is all welted up. It doesn't loo
50 Need opinion about tattoo by kennedykringle
Someone told me this drawing wasn't tattooable and that it would become a blob because it is too detailed. However another tattoo artist said he could
51 *UPDATE* Re: First Tattoo - Asymmetrical by abrooklynbroad
52 day 3 tat healing by shady08aftermath
My tattoo is on my underarm is on day 3 and this time around instead of using A and D im using bacitracin zinc and its just now starting to wrinkle up
53 50% off all tattoos by Tabooink
If you say you saw it on this forum you can receive 50% off all your tattoo. Want ink, then this is the time
54 Anyone? your LOGO is your TATTOO? by inkd88
Hey guys, I'm new here from Milwaukee, Wi! What up... I'm a designer and I have a logo, and i "branded myself" needless to say. I w
55 Tipping and Other Things by eavn
So I'm getting my tattoo next week. It's going to cost around 200-300 dollars. How much should I tip? Should I tell him what not to do/what I don't
56 How long for your half sleeve? by ijpearson
Took my artist 3 1/2 hours for the outline. Estimating about 8-10 total once we add in shading and color. Charges $120 an hour. How long do you u
57 Adding on to a tattoo by thatmetalchick
I got my first tattoo on a whim earlier this year and I'm desperate to get inked again (it's insanely addicting). Here's my tattoo: [img:fd03c8e01
58 Stomach Tattoos by Riketz
59 Color or NO color? by TattooT0M
Thinking of adding color into the eyes but not don't want to mess the tattoo up, opinions would be great. I collected these three eyes although I've b
60 Looking 4 good Temp. Tattoo, Orange Co. CA by Gixxer_Freak
I'm a model looking for temp tattoo help! Anyone familiar with Orange County, California who knows of a quality tempor
61 celtic tattoo by cstaepel
Hi, I have been searching for a good celtic artist in Colorado. Any ideas would be so helpful Thanks, Cstaepel
62 I'm trying to find a tattoo that means "baby sister&quo by SHanny1324
:? Ive been trying to look up tattoo meanings for a while. and i dont care if its chinese, or celtic, or even gaelic writing.. im just trying to find
63 What u think ? by aashish
Hello s If i have option of two, one of tribel and other for cross tatoos. wich one is best for style and look.
64 Mixing asian with traditional by pn11
Not having a who lot of knowledge on what tatt styles go with what, I have to ask this question: Will it look weird ( mainly thinking of people who k
65 white tattoos... by xxnic
i know they turn more of a dingy yellow over time.. but can you tell so much when it's just outlining? is there an alternative, like a peachy white to
66 Tattoo Designs on my body by Tress
67 Tattoo Help by aachally
Hello everyone. My name is Adam, and I have never got a tattoo or anything like that. I live in Rapid City, SD, and I have semi-researched the local t
68 I'm present Amazing Free Tattoo Design iPhone App by oasis1996
69 Craigslist ad's by jjantzen13
Just came across these on my local Craigslist. Tattoo trade - Tattoo you! (pt. 2) - http://fresno.
70 FK Irons machines by tattoosbydanny
Hello everyone my name is Dan. I'm glad to have came across this site. Here is a question for all machine junkies: I've been using Mickey Sharpz, Wo
71 Sons of Anarchy Opening credits Tattoo by glamgirl_1975
Hi, i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could find a picture of the rose tattoo that is shown in the opening credits of 'Sons of Anarchy'
72 my first tat by aNewRising
73 Recommended New Orleans Tattoo Artists by North
Hi, before I go out and try out every damn shop in the city. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Links to Artist's or Shop's websites
74 Searching for a unique mind & talented hand for a DESIGN by Philadoephian
What's up people, I'm new to this site, but after browsing think I'll become an avid member. I'm here to find someone that may be able to do a
75 Need help on where to get this tattoo by amandak89
So I have my oldest daughters footprints on the back left side of my shoulder and i recently had another baby and want to get another tattoo for her a
76 first tattoo general advice on design and placement by settinbootytraps
I have known for a while now that I want to get tattoos, however I have not been in a position to actually get one until recently. I have found what I
77 Josh Payne? Ever hear of him? by TattooT0M
I've been looking for someone to do my Scorpion Tattoo for a few days now, everyone is booked 6-8 months or longer and I understand, they are all amaz
78 MK Scorpion done by DMITRY VISION by TattooT0M
As many of you know, months ago I asked on the forum who would be able to do a Scorpion portrait from Mortal Kombat and many of you guys gave me sugge
79 NEED HELP GUYS! by Heisenberg
Hello guys! Im planning to have a new tattoo. Can anyone help me to have a design? I'm planning to have a chess board tattoo. Wherein, a pawn in
80 New Tattoo question I couldn't find an answer to by psychoslo
Hi, I'm a 19 year old who wants to get his first tattoo. I already know what I want and where I want it, but I just have one kinda iffy problem. I am
81 First Tattoo by jtalerico
I am going to be getting Mizuta (MESU TAH) in kanji with the rising sun behind it on my left shoulder blade. Anyway, to the question. Years ago I had
82 Any good tat shops in Cleveland area that do QUALITY Irish by Irishrover777
Hey, I am looking for a tattoo shop in Cleveland area (I live in Hudson, yeah it sucks) that does a good job on Irish tattoos, like crosses, Celtic kn
83 maybe you can do me a favor by tattooler
I want to know if there is a machine you can buy, a tattoo machine, that allows you to give non-permanent tattoos instead of permanent tattoos.maybe y
84 Help, I need ideas for my first tattoo by neftalyeguia
Hi everyone, I'm thinking to get my first tattoo, it's not something new, I've been thinking of what to get from almost a year now. I just can't figur
85 Looking to get a tattoo? artists in your area. by TatBidsoOrg is a first of its kind tattoo lead search service designed to better assist you in finding the best tattoo artist for your tattoo needs.
86 New Tattoo and Running! by Juanita424
Hi! I am not sure where this question could be fielded but if anyone has advice, I would much appreciate it. My artist said I should be fi
Now Casting: Extremely outrageous tattoos or piercings! We are looking to find the craziest, most outrageous tattoo designs out there! We are out
Did you get a tattoo that you, or someone else, later realized was misspelled and are now embarrassed to show it off? Do you want it covered up? I
89 Which artist can pull this off perfect!? by TattooT0M
I currently live in NJ and I have had my eye on this tattoo for awhile and I want to make the move to get it done but have to have the right artist to
90 Oh those wild and crazy sailor chix by ukulele1960
Aloha, I do have several ukulele theme tattoos. But what really brings me here is to crow about the chicks in the New York Ukulele Ensemble, who just
91 Dallas Ink Fest 2007 by InkFest
Dallas Ink Fest is coming to Dallas - THIS WEEKEND!!! December 7-9, 2007 at the Adams Mark Convention Center, 400 Olive St, Dallas TX 75201 We will
92 Laser hair removal and tattos by RisseN
Hey, I have been getting laser hair removal done on my back for the last few months (using a square light pulse laser. SLP). I should just need one
93 National Tattoo Convention - Seattle by Insomniac
Slave to the Needle is proud to be hosting the 31st Annual National Tattoo Convention. It
94 tattoo supplies or tattoo kits by ismamkhanbabu
Where are you from?
95 Looking for special Symbol by rkoidl
Hi, I really want a tattoo but cannot find the symbol I am looking for. I am looking for a symbol that expresses the following "Never give
96 Not very happy after 1st sesson. Advice? by Bryce96
Hey y'all. One session done on my first tat. Still another 3 hours to go but I'm not very happy with the back but I love
97 New Tattoo Studio by kellyxo
It was hilarious I was working at the hairdressers when the owner of the shop next door came over and said they were opening a tattoo shop. She wants
98 Getting a Tattoo in a couple weeks check out my idea by Devin27
Hey guys and gals, i have a pretty good idea what i want in my tattoo, but not sure how to fit it all together if you know what I'm saying.. I want
99 Itchy tattoo by onyx_rose7145
I have a weak form of eczema, so rashes randomly pop up on sensitive areas of skin, like my forearms and neck. In July I got my first tattoo. It heale
100 Best Chicago Tattoo Parlor? by ericfisher
What's the best place to go to get inked in Chi-town?
101 scars and tattoos?? by ROTTEN313rd
i have a question for the artists out there...i trying to finish the rest of my sleeve but on my upper arm i have a substantially big scar from a bike
102 Meaning of the word tattoo by Islandtribal
Our word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word tatau. 18th century European sailors first noticed this tradition among the Tahitians and Marquesas and b
103 First Tattoo - I need help with ideas for Maori Language tat by smileyuk
Hi all, I need your help! Ive decided after many years to get a tat and I need help getting ideas/translations... I want to get one that is per
104 Tattoo, questionnaire by lockiemac162
It would mean a lot if you could please do my questionnaire for an assignment i am currently working on. Thanks! :D :D
105 Cudi Tattoo by mjnotto
Would it be able to get this tattoo done, the thing that seems like it might not work is when the fire is over the cudi around the edges
106 Terry Ribera Tattooing in Portland Oregon by arebirt
107 Need help with tattoo idea about overthinking/Analysis paral by Bjorvik
Through out my life i have found myself losing people i care about simply because i spent so much time thinking about my fear of losing them. And by d
108 Looking around my town- by Chrislol
So, my third tattoo, I want it to be nice and big and beautiful. But I'm look around my town in Southeastern Ohio and I'm having a hard time judgin
109 tattoo for my home by bksonenonly
hey everyone, I'm from Brooklyn, NY and I was thinking of getting a tattoo to represent the fact that I'm from there, either by getting a tatt
110 Orignal Tattoo designs by Draznog
I was just wondering if anyone has ever paid anyone to do a design for a Tattoo, i want to get a full sleeve on my right arm, i have 1 piece of art th
111 New tattoo appears to be fading in patches by Steve488
Two days ago I got my first tattoo, a black rampant lion on my right shoulder. I have followed all the aftercare instructions carefully, but today I d
112 tattoos in VA by JeepGirl
how do you have to be in VA to get a tattoo?
113 Tattoo web site by talistar
Hi I'm starting a new site on hebrew tattoos, and I'm looking for pictures for my photo gallery... If anyone has hebrew inscriptions tattoo and don
114 Propaganda Tattoo gets voted best in San Diego 2008 by propagandatattoo
Propaganda is the most friendly shop I have ever been to. Thanks to Zoger, Blaze and Travis for showing us a great time and giving us really nice tat
115 looking for artist for a Godzilla tattoo in Los Angeles by adamjerk
I want to get a godzilla tattoo on the back of my forearm. Maybe 10 to 12 inches tall. I currently have two Pushead designs tattooed on my shoulders
116 BETA NOW RELEASED!!!! BRAND NEW TATTOO NETWORK by global1 is a brand new tattoo networking website for tattoo lovers, artist/designers, and shops! Tattoo Lovers You get the most fun you get
117 I want to be an Apprentice at your Tattoo Shop by Johnny4luv
Is a hilarious find: [youtube][/youtube]
118 Professional Tattoo Artist, Piercer and Apprentices Openings by SteamPunkInk
Professional Tattoo Artist and Piercing openings for brand new studio in State College, PA. Artist and Piercer must have experience & their own eq
119 Large tattoo for FREE with best tattoo artists in USA by InkmasterNYC
LOOKING TO GET A LARGE TATTOO FOR FREE? TRY SPIKE TV Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series Are you al
120 Tattoo Artist by soloink2012
Tattoo Artist looking for a job, and New location. I have 4 and a half years experience in a shop, at Brutal Naiton Ink, In Odessa Texas, Have many c
121 Photo-documentary - Facial Tattooing by tattooportraiture
Hello and first post :)! I'm a LA-based portrait photographer currently working on a project exploring the desire behind altering your appearance i
122 Need Help with a Tattoo Idea by KCspaniel
I've thought about it a lot and while it may seem like a sorta weird idea for a tattoo, it's something kind of personal. I want a tattoo that in some
123 Time to hit the road! by Infernum
To all my fellow artists, fans and friends, It has been way too long since I hit the road around the northeastern coast (MA, VT, NH, MN, DC, VA, MD,
124 Suggestions for a new ankle tattoo? by AnkleTattoo
Hey guys, I am new here, and be glad to receive some help and tips. I really want to improve the looks of my medial ankle area by a new tattoo ex
125 Does anyone know what this tattoo style is called? by donovan679
As the title says, I would like to know what this kind of tattoo style is called. So I can search for similar designs. [img:7db8c6df53]http://i63.
126 disposiable tattoo supplies by Tabooink
I was wondering what every bodies thoughts were on disposable tubes against stainless
127 tattoo help by phil22bfd
hey guys im all new to the forum and would really appreciate any help ..... can anyone tell me the best needles to use for lining and co
128 New tattoo in the chicagoland area by touchdownmoney
I'm 18 years of age and am looking to get a 4"x4" (plus or minus) on the left Pectoralis Majoris (On the chest over the heart). I am looking
Hey everyone. Im an artist originally from Newark NJ. i have been drawing since i was 14 years old. I have always been interested in tattoo designs. I
130 9th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo by SageOConnell
9th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo May 1-3, 2009 Location: Mesa Convention Center Reservations: 888-236-2427 Contact Informati
131 If you LIKE TATTOO you should to see this Clip NOW! by henfe
Nothing is hotter than a tattooed women!
132 Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention by tattooedkingpin
January 11, 12, 13 2013 Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
133 CHicago Tattoo Arts Convention by tattooedkingpin
March 22, 23, 24 2013 CHicago Tattoo Arts Convention Crown Plaza Hotel
TLC is casting for an ALL NEW SEASON of NY INK! If you are a fan and want to get a tattoo from one of the Wooster Street crew, apply at the link below
135 Need tattoo artist with scar experience - Central Florida by tatn00b
First of all, I'm a complete n00b without any current tattoos so please bear with me. About 10 years ago I was burned on the left side of my chest so
136 ISO tattoo artist experience on African American Pittsburgh by gigglesO_O
I am looking for a tattoo artist in/near Pittsburgh who has experience tattooing on African American people. I am looking to get a script with a desi
Hello Folks, Could Some1 tell me about a minimalist tattoo artist in LONDON ? Did few research but no luck :?: Thanks in advance, h
138 First tattoo - Perseverance by Mtldesigner
I recently have lost 125 pounds and changed my lifestyle, I also own my own business and want to get my first tattoo. With my new lifestyle and ownin
October 19 – 20 - 21 2015 WORLD WIDE TATTOO CONFERENCE - Portland Wwtc is the only global tattoo confe
The Venetian Tattoo Gathering is a unique event, bringing together the finest tattooers, artists, collectors, and the curios together to experience th
141 New tattoo is faded, wrinkly, and shiny after three weeks. by NYSEMT193
Hello all, please excuse me as I am very new to the forum. I've just been freaking out a bit about the way my tattoo looks. It's about three weeks old
142 Tattoo Guns For Sale by mattphillips
Hi, see this website about tattoo guns for sale -
143 I need a job in Europe as a tattooist by FaneSkinArt messenger id : fane_tattoo
144 inksplosion 2008 by inkjunkys
INKSPLOSION WAS KICK ASS!!! now we are planning 2008! check out for details & pictures. see more photos at www.myspace
145 No Shit! by jjantzen13
Flipping through vids on Youtube tonight. Started watching one on SEEN and how he went from street-bombing and hitting trains in the beginning of N
146 First Tat by Cleric
Hey all, I'll be getting ink'd this weekend. It'll be a dragon and lioness fighting on my right shoulder. Would of been my back but due to bacne probl
BORNEOHEADHUNTERS TATTOO STUDIO FOR SALE! - International Award Winning Established Tattoo Studio For Sale! BORNEOHEADHUNTERS TATTOO STUDIO On the is
148 Hello I want to invite you to by pavilion016 this website is a world of dragon tattoo have a picture , video and article for you :P
149 Literary tattoos -- Call for Submissions! by TattooLit
THE REST IS SILENCE: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide Edited by Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor [b:d035773
150 Tattoo Art Clothing on Sale by rebelliousclothing
We are a very busy here is little ole Utah and in need of artists to help bring balance to the shop as right now we work too much without enough breat
152 BETA NOW RELEASED!!!! BRAND NEW TATTOO NETWORK by global1 is a brand new tattoo networking website for tattoo lovers, artist/designers, and shops! Tattoo Lovers You get the most fun you get
153 Vermont Custom Tattoo and Piercing by adpass
Information You Should List (as much as possible): Studio Name Vermont Custom Tattoo and Piercing Address [b:9e441d
154 Looking to build artist network by hyperinktattoos
Looking to build a tattoo network that will help tattooist get job placement, heath care, and discounts on supplies. Please send me an email with your
155 Lifetime artist seeking apprenticeship around Springfield,MO by Artistik
Hello! I am 42 years old and have been drawing all my life. I've done pyrography, woodcarving, airbrush, and was a tattooist for 6 years, but that w
156 Looking to Hire Tattoo Artist by creativemind
I'm currently looking to hire a Professional Tattoo Artist,for a busy well established Tattoo Studio in Sarasota Florida. Great pay, flexible hours, f
157 LA Ink Tattoo Designs by dredd2000
Murv wrote:
This should save some time...
158 Hey all by mikesgold
Hello all glad to be here
159 WILDWOOD TATTOO BEACH BASH 2012 by tattooedkingpin
September 7, 8, 9 2012 Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash Wildwoods Convention Center
October 5, 6, 7 2012 Valley Forge Tattoo and Hot Rod Show The Greater Philadelphia Expo center Homewood Suites Valley Forge http://www.villainarts
161 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention by tattooedkingpin
February 8, 9, 10 2013 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention Philadelphia Convention Center
162 Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention by tattooedkingpin
April 5, 6, 7 2013 Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention Baltimore Convention Center
163 Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention by tattooedkingpin
May 17, 18, 19 2013 Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention Kentucky International Convention Center
164 Tattooist in Ireland by BelowTheLights
Hey recommend this lass if you are every over in Ireland She has a great style and is proper s
165 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL for tattoo artists and studios. by TatBidsoOrg
Tattoo Artists, looking to know who wants a tattoo in your area first? Tat bids was built to provide you a way to reach customers and build a strong
166 First Tattoo by SamLofthouse96
I recently got a tattoo in memory of my Grandad. I went to somewhere thinking it would be good because someone recommended it for me, but it turns out
167 Could someone help me pic a tattoo? by Twistedshadow50
Hey guys I'm new on here, Iv been trying to think of what I should get in this area that I have left, it's an awkward spot but I don't just want to ge
168 Terry Ribera Tattooing in Portland Oregon by arebirt
169 Terry Ribera Tattooing in Portland Oregon by arebirt
170 DENMARK Wanted Tattoo by quarantino
Well known Tattoo shop in Denmark is looking for an experinced Tattoo artist. Full time job. For info please write to us on our facebook page: https:
171 Job offer by emmmdemmm
Hi I am looking for a tattoo artist with experience I am offering a job in Germany...if you are interested please PM for all other details :)
172 New Jersey- AC Tattoo Expo by ACtattooexpo
The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo continues its 12 year tradition or art and ink in Atlantic City New Jersey November 6th thru the 8th on the 6th floor o
173 Just Published My New Tattoo Blog... by AttiCibulya
Hi, I'm a starter Web Publisher, and want say I have two tattoos on my right arm, I have interest about blogging and doing busines and so on... My fir
174 Arm & thigh tattoos by SupremeInkBoss
Copy and paste link in URL Dont know how to add video as yet
175 Arm & thigh tattoos by SupremeInkBoss
Copy and paste link in URL Dont know how to add video as yet


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