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1 Miami Ink by buddlakeharleyrider
On a recent trip to Canada...and session for some ink at a local parlor...the topic of Miami Ink came up...most of the artists in the shop said they w
2 Miami Ink by CxCx
So my girl and I are watching TV last night, and we see an add for a new TLC reality show called Miami Ink. In a nutshell, it's a reality show that fo
3 Inked on A&E new show... by d3adkl0wn
Anyone heard anything about this yet, starts next Wed. Commercial dosn't say much about it tho, mostly a bunch of ppl saying things like "I did it bec
4 "Inkless Tattoos" or "A Series of Puncture Wo by lady4christ
Hey, I know this is in the same genre as the "Disappearing tattoos" thread, but it's a bit different. I heard about an "inkless" tattoo, or per
5 CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!QUICKLY!!!!! by Eskimo
Hi my name is Eskimo. I was watching the national geographic channel one day. There was this show on taboos. It was for tattoos. I seen this back tato
6 Ben Corn: Where does he currently work? by sanjuro714
(Hi. I posted this question earlier but I guess it got erased around the time of the hack. I hope it's okay to ask this again.) I've been intereste
7 People w/ videogame related tattoo's needed for Spike TV by SpikeTV
I'm producing on a new Spike TV show called "Fresh Baked Video Games" We are looking for photographs of videogame related Tattoo's for a segment on ou
8 Now Hiring Tattoo Artists by inkedthree
Hart & Huntington is hiring staff and tattoo artists for its new shop in Cabo, Mexico! Bring a photograph and copies of your artwork (sorry, they
9 Warning: Lowerback tattoos (SNL) by bobdolejr
Funny SNL skit on the problems with chicks getting lower back tattoos


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