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it. When I want to

Post by ylq123 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:23 pm

it. When I want to give up, I think of a sentence: there is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of someone. So, I am cheering up again, trying hard to think about the answer to this question: the current water is the original water 521, then 521 Water plus a container is equal to the original water plus a container multiplied by 13. If so, the 57 water plus a container is equal to the original water plus a container, which means that 17 water equals one container. The weight, then the weight of 67 water is 7.2 grams, and then divided by 7.2 to 67, the weight of the original water is sought. "Oh, I succeeded! I have succeeded! I finally got it. "I am happy to call it up. At this time, I understand a truth: no matter what you do, don't start halfway in the third grade. I unwittingly develop a bad habit of carelessness and sloppyness. I am not falsifying the wrong question. It is a mistake... I will also commit a mistake when I take the class. Once I have finished the test Cigarettes For Sale, I will tell my mother with confidence. This test will definitely get 98 points. When I tried to curl my hair for a few days, I only got 93 points. At that time, I was relatively small. I didn��t realize that the consequences of the sloppy and the third-grade teachers spent a year and a year, I went to the fourth grade, and the bad habits of the sloppy I will make a mistake every three times. I remember that when I took the test in the second semester, my math score was only 78 points. I had all the correct application questions, but the calculation score was zero. I carefully checked it again. I am very angry: I will do all the questions, and the bad habits are messing up. If I don��t change it, I can��t do anything no matter what I do. So I racked my brains and ended up I have come up with a good idea: I have to write a note on my small bed every week for mistakes made by carelessness, and ask my father and mother to supervise me for a week as planned. This week, my little bed is about to turn into a sea of ??typo and wrong questions. The wind blows, and the paper sticking on it screams. I listened to the sound and felt very uncomfortable. I think that there are only three or five wrong words and wrong questions in a week. Whoever thinks that there are so many mistakes. In the future, there can be so many mistakes, even if one word is wrong, one question is their own progress. The second Monday turned around. The typo and wrong questions posted on the small bed were significantly reduced. The third week, the fourth week, the fifth week... On the eighth week, there was no typo or wrong title on my little bed. I found this progress to be a slap in the face. After a few days, our school will have to take the mid-term exam. This is a good opportunity to test whether I have changed bad habits. I walked into the examination room with confidence and seriously. Answers, especially when doing calculations, I Be careful. After I finished my test paper, I went back and checked and found a mistake: the final number of questions should be three-quarters, and I wrote thirty-four. I seriously made the test results and sent them down. I took the first place. When I was curling up, I couldn��t help but feel the excitement in my heart. I couldn��t help but jump up and prospered, and the life was so sweet and bitter; the world was full of different attitudes, and the realization of defeat was sorrowful and joyful. So elegant, let us have more humility and less elegance, let success be with us, and expand the breadth of life. - The success of the question is water. A drop of wind can blow away the water Marlboro Gold, but it knows how to persist and work hard. Finally, day after day, the dripping stone wears, fulfilling the original promise; a drop of bean-sized water, but it understands unity and cooperation, finally, year after year, hundreds of rivers gather, cheering and roaring in the sea. That is The success of the successful sonata is grass. A weak grass, he is small, it is mean, but never complain, although it is only for the flowers, only for the big tree, but it never gives up, grows silently , Do not height, width just, it grow, gradually the whole piece of land covered with its shadow Marlboro Lights, endless. That is the coat of success. Success is plum. Look at the corner of the forest, Lin Han alone opened a little red, sniffing the dark and elegant fragrance, you know that it is waiting for a year of hair? Do you know that it is a long-awaited glycol? Do you know the hardships of the incense from the bitter cold? It stands silently in the snow Wholesale Cigarettes, swaying the branches of joy. That is a successful dance. This is the road to success. There are water, grass and flowers on the road. There are unremitting efforts, brave persistence, fearless dreams, and different scenery. But we can��t stop, we must go forward and look for The successful spring silkworms go to the dead silk, the wax torch begins to dry, and the road to success needs us to persist. In the face of difficulties, don't give up, take a strong knife in your hand, smash the thorns, cross the mountains and rivers, cross the hardships and hardships, and look for traces of courage. To appreciate the rainbow spring breeze after the rain, the horseshoe disease, the day to see Changan flowers, the road to success needs us to be modest. In the face of fame and fortune, put it away, stand on the peak of life, to see the emptiness of the prosperous world, firm will, unbiased, sniff a modest floral fragrance, let its floral fragrance into our hearts and spleen, will be dirty The soul of the baptism of the sinking boat side of the thousand sails, the disease tree in front of Wan Muchun, the road to success requires us to be active and happy, the sly face hangs, do not resentment and urgency, we must know that the valley free birds and flowers, their own water, Wash away the stains that you gave up, stay awake, regroup, and once again, embark on a successful journey.
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