ned. The scores of the parag

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ned. The scores of the parag

Post by ylq123 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:58 am

I have never liked my mother since I was a child. She is not greedy, not ugly, but in my opinion, she is greedy. She seems to only notice the score on my test paper, carelessly, regardless of the other. So far, the praise and encouragement that I can remember from the mother's mouth is very few. Therefore, an indestructible wall was erected between my mother and me. The sun was shining that day, but I was dejected on the path home, and I was disheartened. The scores of the paragraph test were issued, and I failed to pass the 700 points as the mother wished, and entered the top 50 of the grade. I really don't know how to face the mother in the family. When I walked to the stairway, the door of the defense door closed tightly, and I was so shocked that I was so uneasy that I was trembled, and I thought of the reprimand from the moment when my mother learned of my score and immediately followed the girl��s face Cigarettes Online. The total return is coming. I unscrew the lock of the house and walk in. Sure enough, my mother is sitting on the sofa in the living room anxiously waiting, seeing me push the door in, immediately getting up, welcoming, eagerly Ask me: "How are you doing well?" Seeing my face's frustration Marlboro Cigarettes, my mother asked nervously, "Is there 700? No? How many grades?" I twisted my head and avoided the mother's gaze. Answer: "I didn't go to 700, didn't enter the top 50." After that, the air in the body seemed to solidify. The mother frowned, and Zhangkou said a series of questions: "No? You are not saying how much you review." Okay? How good is the exam? You are still learning to lie now..." I felt awkward in my heart and turned back to my mother: "Can you find your own reason? You gave it before the exam." Have you had a chance to relax? Have you ever encouraged words? You were still warning me that I didn't test well that morning, so! You will only push me into a dead end all day long! I really don't know what you think!" At first, I was justified, but then my body was shaking. I am forced to return to the tears of my eyes, and I will not expose my weakness in front of my mother! When I left this string of words, I flew back to the room, and I slammed the door, and my tears couldn��t help but flow down my face Cheap Cigarettes. But at the same time, I ignored the mother who stayed outside the house. I couldn��t sleep at the same time. The scenes of the day kept playing in my mind and I heard the mother��s footsteps getting closer and closer. I quickly closed my eyes. The figure in the night, sitting quietly on my bed, licking my horns, and stroking my brow, sighed: "Hey, this child, I know that I am too strict with you." I am afraid that if you are indulgent, you will indulge yourself, do not know if you will be complacent, and really improve and improve the education method. When I open my eyes again, my mother has left, and the tears have slipped again. My cheek. Looking out the window, the moment is late autumn, the night has a little cool, but the heart is warm
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