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Post by mafiacitydd » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:01 am

Mafia City beta has access to full game content; Progress carries over

Usually, with online games, developers do a brief test for players to test balancing issues, servers, and other things right before launch. Usually, it gives players a way to see if they like the game or not and they get rewarded with a small in-game trinket as a thank you for testing the game. Mafia City looks to change that, though.

Bethesda’s first attempt at an online game (the developer, not the publisher who has released free gangster games) will likely be a rough one given their track record with single player games. They make great games but they’re usually riddled with bugs and glitches so to lessen the blow, Bethesda will be holding a beta in October for people who pre-order.

While many assumed it would just be a small slice of what the game has to offer, Mafia City’s beta will actually be the entire full game. That’s pretty bold and personally makes me wonder if the game is really bursting at the seams with content, so much so that you couldn’t possibly blow through it all in a weekend beta period.

We’re not totally sure of the scale of Mafia City outside of its very large and detailed map but hopefully, this is a sign of a really ambitious and meaty game otherwise, Bethesda risks showing all their cards significantly early. Players who play the beta will also be excited to hear that any progress they make in the beta will have it carried over into the final game, something that never really happens when it comes to these things.

 To us, it sounds more like Bethesda is opting for a really brief early access period as opposed to a traditional beta. Only time will tell if it’s actually helpful or not, though.

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