Traveling always

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Traveling always

Post by ylq123 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:20 pm

Traveling always gives people an unknown and mysterious feeling, like a newborn bird, with curiosity, peering into a new world. It��s a pity that after the trip, the reality is still naked in front of it. If you can��t smash the reality, people will always be trapped, tired, and traveled by reality. It��s like a new life, more like an escape, escape. A single life, a constant relationship, and a new world. Travel is a relaxing medicine. You can forget a lot of troubles on the road, but you can't solve your troubles. For example, it can't solve your financial problems. It can't help you with the increase of wages, but it can treat many internal diseases. . For example: When you face the magnificent scenery, you always feel that the troubles that have bothered you are so small, it seems to be a grain of sand, and then it is not desirable for it to find trouble, the world is so big, the population is so More, and then practice yourself for small things, it really seems that the pattern is too small. I like the small feeling of standing in front of the wide mountains and rivers. Only by knowing how big the world is, can you know how small you are. I am only a small person. Only for this short life, why can't I live happily. Time is always flying, so short time, why bother still let the suffering occupy it. Those sufferings, like the ink falling into the clear water, only a small one, can make a clear stream into a turbid dirt channel Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes. It is a pity that people know that the world is big and they know their own smallness. Individuals have their own strengths and limitations. Don't fight for the things that can never be obtained. Why not let go of yourself, why not let go of your attachments, enjoy life with peace of mind, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the rain, enjoy the morning light Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, If you make more money, you can't spend it. What is the meaning of money? Money is not a measure of life. There are too many good things in life to pursue Newport Box 100'S, let go of yourself, admit that perhaps you can do everything in this life Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, you can only be an ordinary person, then why? Unhappy to accept this reality, An An heart to be an ordinary person knows the world, only to know that he can hold only so much, can be cherished, when you know the world in addition to the dog tail flower in your hand After the enchanting roses, the warm sunflowers, the luxurious peony, the holy lotus, etc., you discover that the dog tail flower that has been hard to chase is just an ordinary flower in the flower. But she is really the only one that belongs to you. You understand that the original weak water is three thousand, and that one is suitable for you. Since you have already picked it up, you love her well and hurt her well. Even if there are countless colorful flowers outside the house, I only love hands. This one in the life, the life is too short, the encounter is the fate, don't be so high, far away, eat the bowl and look at the pot, and finally fall into the end of a chicken flying egg, not worth the loss of travel, can really broaden the horizon, let you know the original, but only It is an extremely common one among millions of people. Knowing that you are small, you know how to cherish, cherish precious time, rare lover, hard-to-find friend Cigarettes Wholesale Price, perhaps, this is the meaning of travel.

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Re: Traveling always

Post by gokewexox » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:24 am

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