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1 Bird Tattoos? by ericfisher
I've been noticing that a lot of people (including myself) are starting to get designs of birds done. Anyone else notice this? Anyone getting birds d
2 My First time....!? Any stories? Advice? by BetAnd
HI! Ok--so I wrote something like a long time ago and I haven't been good checking out the forum frequently but I was doing a project on tattoos in
3 Philadelphia College Student Interested in talking tattoos!! by BetAnd
Hey, I am brand new to this website and I am currently writing my senior thesis on tattooing. I wanted to write about how tattooing is an art form.
4 shitty experience at Laughing Buddha by misericordia
So in Early August I took a drawing into a tattoo parlor in Seattle renowned for progressive tattoo art. And I will competently say they do awesome ar
5 I want to get tattoos everywhere but I dont want to copy? by NeedSomeHelpBro
I want to get sleeves, chest, and neck tattoos. I basically want to be covered for the most part. I have ideas, but like. I don't want to copy anyone
6 Hows my Anchor tattoo? by TattooT0M
What do y
7 New england parlors that will do under 18 w/ consent? by sickness
I'm 17 years old, and have been wanting a tattoo for quite a while now. My mom has said to me that once I get the money together, she will gladly t
NEw Suicide girls movie, first ever reality Horror. Looks Siiiiiccckk!!!
9 Inner mouth tattoo by RubberduckSammich
Could someone knowledgable on the subject please tell me the details of the best way to work on the inside of a lower lip. Just 3 letters. I've hear
10 Grand Opening of Anarchy Tattoo MI... by AnarchyTattoos
Aug. 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2008 - Grand Opening! Two lucky customers will receive $100 tattoos each for FREE! 824 B Milham Road Portage, MI 490
11 Tattoo aftermath by Bluebird
I got my bluebird tattoo on my hip about a month ago. Since then there has been some blue around a wing and the tail. I originally thought it was brui
12 Can this be covered up with.... by TattooT0M
I currently have this tattoo and although I like it I am getting older now and I want something "bigger" but also "more art like".
13 Hello I'm new on here..... by kookiekate
Hello, I'm Kate, I'm new on here, I found this site when I was looking for inspiration for a new tattoo. I would like to add several more tattoos to
14 Anyone? your LOGO is your TATTOO? by inkd88
Hey guys, I'm new here from Milwaukee, Wi! What up... I'm a designer and I have a logo, and i "branded myself" needless to say. I w
15 Can someone draw this tattoo for me? by AAROPLANE
:D :D :idea: Alright, so my name's Aaron. And I am not the greatest artist, but it would mean the world to me if someone could accomplish this f
Reality competition show is looking for people who want awesome tattoos in outrageous and unique areas. If you are interested in getting a Boob tattoo
17 My gun tattoo (MOLON LABE) by cutter
Im new to the site, and its a nice site! Lots of info and pics. I thought i would share my new tattoo I just got 3 weeks ago. It was my 4th one, and i
18 What u think ? by aashish
Hello s If i have option of two, one of tribel and other for cross tatoos. wich one is best for style and look.
19 tattooing over scars by Roozled
Can a person have a tattoo done over a scar??[/i]
20 Music Video shot at Baltimore Convention by lelandmalinski
Recently shot a music video for a tattoo artist at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. It was a good time and let me know what you think [url]http://www
21 Tattoo artist's take on scratchers? by openminded
I've been more than a tattoo enthusiast for a while now. I have developed a love for tattoos and tattoo art in general through being an enthusiast, an
22 Tattoo Designs on my body by Tress
Have you found yourself wanting to get that piece you've always wanted, or maybe even wanted to cover up? Award winning tattoo artist is doing a l
24 Rib Piece all finished up by tkoziol
After about 7 hours of work, my rib cage tattoo is all finished. And wow, this last session sucked pretty bad, but I'm actually proud of myself for b
25 People get Swastika tattoos in homage to ManWoman by TW1991
Dozens of people in Newcastle have had swastikas tattoed on their bodies in an attempt to reclaim the symbol adopted by Nazis during World War Two.
26 tattoo designs... by cacye
Does anyone know of a website that has pictures of original designs like memorial tattoos or tribal designs with names in them ...things like that sin
27 incredible Ink by streetmoda
im def going to win this and i can tag my artist and give him his props too, be ready to give me free streetmoda!!!
28 SURVEY ! by kleepers
Hey guys, I'm creating a blog this semester for my class about tattoos and I am conducting a research study all about it so if you have some time, I w
29 Need some help by Clardy554
I nene some help with a tattoo. I'm looking to get my first tattoo soon. And I'm stuck I want to get something to go with my family heritage and I hav
30 im new at this and i want more tattoos! by cheeto
ummm....well i just made this account and ya tryin 2 learn how 2 work this shit so any help hit me back up!
31 Non Themed Tattoo Sleeves by jesustrey
So I was wanting to hear peoples opinions on sleeve tattoos that don't incorporate one entire theme. I've wanted a sleeve for as long as I can remembe
32 Gett Tattooed by Terry Ribera Portland Oregon by arebirt
33 Need cover up advice (New York) by ThatAirForceGuy21
So yes, I understand my tattoo is bland, boring, and not done very well. I acted on impulse and fucked up, big time.... I'm not looking for rude comme
34 Submit Your Tattoo and Story by Tattour
35 Session 2 *pics* by tkoziol
Did another 2 hours of shading yesterday. Would have gone longer, but we got started late, and his next appointment had already been waiting for a li
36 How does it look? by dork
Tell me what you think... [/img]
37 uploading pictures by laughtatverne
I have been trying to upload what few pictures of my tattoos that I have tonight. For some reason, only three of the six pictures will upload onto my
38 Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Convention - by tattooedkingpin
June 11th, 12th, 13th 2010 Event: MILWAUKEE BEER CITY TATTOO ARTS CONVENTION Location: Harley Davidson Museum 400 Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI 53201
39 New here posting pics of my crazy half sleeve in progress by bannerman217
How do i post pics?!! my names cory by the way i live in Atlanta ga but im from Boston ma
40 5 Flat Pencil Tip Needles by LighthouseTattooSupply
Hi, I am helping a friend here in Las Vegas look for a scarce style needle. I am hoping someone out there knows where we can find these. His sto
41 Tattoo Research by Burt1313 Thesis survey for a graduate student. Would appreciate anyone and everyone who would
42 Music Tattoos Pictures Don't Load by foxhound300
Every time when I look under music, and it brings up the list of bands and other music things (like guitar tattoos), whenever I click on any of the ch
43 by redvioletskydancer
Hi. I wanted to invite you all to join At you can share your tattoos, show tattoos you did, have art developed by arti
44 Looking to build artist network by hyperinktattoos
Looking to build a tattoo network that will help tattooist get job placement, heath care, and discounts on supplies. Please send me an email with your
45 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL for tattoo artists and studios. by TatBidsoOrg
Tattoo Artists, looking to know who wants a tattoo in your area first? Tat bids was built to provide you a way to reach customers and build a strong
46 Looking for people with Quote Tattoos by tattooablequotes
I'm looking for people with quote tattoos that wouldn't mind giving me permission to use photos of them on
47 Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings by ttkmart
Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings #15 1488 The numbers 1488 can be found on the tattoos of white supremacist/nazi inmates. 14 or 88 on their own c
48 Craziest Jesus Tattoos by ttkmart
49 Think twice before getting such horrifying face tattoos by ttkmart

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