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Rating Post
1 Practic Skin by Inkedbutterflywb
Is practice skin a total waste of money or does it do some good?
2 Providing a technical section for tattoo professionals... by everytattoo
This is a question that has been asked many times before and as the site grows it ought to be a question that is addressed. The obvious gains would b
3 *sigh* A Little Rant by lady4christ
:evil: I am really mad and I wanted to share my frustration with people who would understand. On some of my prior posts, I mentioned some i
Need Technical info? Technical information will NOT be supplied on these public forums. Do not ask for it, because
5 Yet another annoying question by lady4christ
First off, let me reassure you by telling you I am not interested in EVER being a tattoo professional. This is not because I dislike the artform, on t
6 technical info by Inkpacker
Can somebody tell me why "we don't discuss technical info" whats that all about ? This is a forum after all,having to do with tattoos,.......Am i in
7 Thermal transfer paper. by tattoodjeeper
i was wondering how to use thermal transfer paper without buting the machine? thanks for the time
8 learning and practice by brandy
ive reacently started learning to tattoo, and i love doing it, but it sometimes seems slow going. and im curious to know how mush practice have othe


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