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Tennessee Tattoo Laws

39-15-403. Tattooing

(a) As used in this section, "tattoo" means to intentionally mark or color by pricking or inserting pigment or coloring matter into the skin so as to leave an indelible mark or figure.

(b) A person who for commercial purposes tattoos the skin of any person under eighteen (18) years of age commits a Class A misdemeanor.

62-38-201. Definitions

As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Antibacterial solution" means any solution used to retard the growth of bacteria approved for the application to human skin and includes all products so labeled;

(2) "Client" means any person desiring to receive a tattoo;

(3) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of health;

(4) "Department" means the department of health;

(5) "Disinfectant" means a solution intended to destroy or inactivate specific viruses, bacteria or fungi on inanimate surfaces;

(6) "Germicidal solution" means any solution which destroys germs and is so labeled;

(7) "License" means the issuance of a license to perform tattooing to any individual, partnership, firm, or corporation;

(8) "Permit" means the issuance of a permit to a tattoo studio or establishment;

(9) "Registration" means license or permit, as applicable;

(10) "Sanitary" means clean and free of agents of infection;

(11) "Single use" means an item is used one (1) time on one (1) client and then is properly disposed of by appropriate measures;

(12) "Sterilization" means holding in an autoclave for fifteen (15) minutes, at fifteen pounds (15 lbs.) pressure, and at a temperature of two hundred fifty degrees fahrenheit (250 F) or one hundred twenty-one degrees celsius (121 C);

(13) "Tattoo" means any method of placing designs, letters, figures, symbols, cosmetics or any other marks under the skin of a person with ink or color by the aid of needles or instruments;

(14) "Tattoo artist" means any person, regardless of age, who engages in the practice/service of tattooing regardless of the type of tattoo or area to be tattooed;

(15) "Tattoo artist registration" means the issuance of a state license authorizing the person named therein to engage in the practice/service of tattooing in the state of Tennessee after fulfilling the requirements in this part;

(16) "Tattoo operator" means any person who controls, operates, conducts or manages any tattoo studio, whether actually engaging in tattooing or not;

(17) "Tattoo studio" means any room or space where tattooing is practiced or where the service of tattooing is conducted;

(18) "Tattoo studio certificate" means the issuance of a written permit, issued by the local county health department, to a tattoo studio stating that such studio, after inspection, was found to be in compliance with this part; and

(19) "Universal precautions" means that all blood and body fluids are treated as to contain all bloodborne pathogens and taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of any bloodborne pathogens.