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1 what conventions are ya'll going to this year 2005? by tat2tx
im planning to visit a few show's & work 2 so far but im alway's curious what outher show's people enjoy going to. i make most texas show's exe
2 New (old) guy by bdsnooks
Glad I found you--- Question/Intro, I am 72 years old and type 2 diabetic. I keep my glucose well under control and my a1c is 6.2. I last got a ta
3 Texas Artist: Mandala/Permanent Henna by brellis
Hey everyone, Decided to go ahead and get my first tattoo. Been wanting one for around 1.5 years and have finally built up enough courage to get it
4 Texas tattoo shops that specialize in Celtic designs? by La Fours
anyone on here know of some good shops in Austin or Houston? i know of Shaw's in Houston. do any of you know of people who specialize in celtic work
5 Looking For Tattoo Artist in San Angelo TX by TriStarTattoo
Busy shop in San Angelo is looking for a new tattoo artist. We are right next to a military base and are busy all year round. Artist must have experie
6 Woodcutting/Engraving/Etching in the South? by brellis
Anyone know any talented blackwork artists in the south who specialize in woodcutting/engraving/etching styles? I know Justin Olivier is an artist in


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