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Rating Post
1 I've come to think of a very cool tattoo motive, but... by Muo
...but has it yet been made? Imagine a tattoo going from the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve to around the shoulder not s
2 Tribal tattoo by H1westbound
Alright so for my first tattoo I have really been wanting something that keeps me connected to Hawaii since I have grown up here since I was 8. The ca
3 First tattoo - lotions? Paw Prints and Stars? by Sabra
Ok, I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo soon. A friend of the family is a tattoo artist and he's explained how I should check out the tattoo ar
4 What u think ? by aashish
Hello s If i have option of two, one of tribel and other for cross tatoos. wich one is best for style and look.
5 Searching for a unique mind & talented hand for a DESIGN by Philadoephian
What's up people, I'm new to this site, but after browsing think I'll become an avid member. I'm here to find someone that may be able to do a
6 Need help with drawing a tribal. by Pookie
Hi, Saturday 14. jan. is the big day. My first tattoo :D But before then I need some help, I've found the tattoo I want, but I need a black and
7 Need Samoan, Polynesian, Hawaiian Tribal artists in Michigan by amcgin02
Hey everybody, I have been lookin for a good tattoo type for a while now. And after weighing all my options I decided to go with a samoan, or polynesi
8 Fayetteville, AR - Artists by kaerae2
I'm looking for a really good tattoo artist in Fayetteville. I have had a large, lower back tattoo 80% removed and I would like to get a cover-up. T
9 Questions on time estimate and artist collaboration by ZenZhu
Newbie to the forum and getting a tattoo here with a couple of questions. I'm contemplating getting an armband tattoo influenced by Polynesian, Marqu
10 tattoo shop seeking receptionist/assistant - Los Angeles by Blackwave
Receptionist/Assistant wanted for Blackwave Tattoo in Los Angeles. Must be willing to take on the following roles: Receptionist[/u
11 LA Ink Tattoo Designs by dredd2000
Murv wrote:
This should save some time...


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