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Rating Post
1 how many people have tattoos that are under me? by alexbarraclough
i keep noticing that im the only one in my college that is under 18 with a many more people got underage tattoos without there parents p
2 4 tattoos and only 17years of age by sheep103
I have 4 tattoos and im only 17. I am a student living in Redditch, UK. I love the tattoos I have and would like to have more in the future. I have th
3 TATTOO ASS by blue boy
i am a boy 16 years old and i would like to have a tattoo on my ass.... what do you suggest?
4 gimmie sum advice n shizz yes im retarded by samdaman
im under 18 and considerin gettin a tattoo pretty soon, just wonderin if i get it done soon will it stretch or get ruined because ive still got anothe
5 I got a couple of questions. by dunce
I'm 14. My mom recently said that if I find a tattoo I REALLY REALLY like, she knows a guy that can do it for me. So I'm a bit curious of how in-depth
6 Virginia Age-Law question. by CAINE
I am 15 years of age, and I have been thinking about getting a tattoo, and I live in the state of Virginia, and the law says, . "No person shal
7 confused about laws in illinois by Skaface7
hey everyone im a noob here. well i live in IL i'm 16 and want my first tattoo i been researching for years and i know what i want and im sure about i
8 Tatooing Minors by newgreenpunk
I'm 17 and my father is willing to bring me to get a tatoo that i've wanted for over 3 years. can anyone help me-- i dont know if its legal in my stat
9 New england parlors that will do under 18 w/ consent? by sickness
I'm 17 years old, and have been wanting a tattoo for quite a while now. My mom has said to me that once I get the money together, she will gladly t
10 tattoo laws by bobdolejr
I'm looking to write about varying tattoo laws throughout the country. However, I've been unable to find any concrete websites that have laws for all
11 Any Texans know the age limit rule for tattoos?? by Sara-Bob
A friend told me that you had to be 18 to get a tattoo in Texas even if you have parental consent! Does anyone know if that's true??? :?:
12 Age Question by Jspree12
If im younger than 18 but I have a parent with me will I be able to get a tattoo? Thanks in advance... By the way, I live in Texas.
13 new guy by robertc13
new here, been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now,but am too young, just one more month to go and i will of age cant wait i have one quest
14 age requirements by gatti
how old do you have to be to get a tatoo without your parents consent in connecticut? there any websites that i can write to artists and ask
15 New littleun by German_Girl
Hey ^_^ I'm seventeen and I've wanted this chinese dragon on my back, I cant find the exact picture <I figure I can find it/have some one draw it/o
16 Getting My First Tattoo.. A few questions by darkdragonfly
Hi, My names Cam and Im 17 and have been wanting to get a dragonfly tattoo for some time now. I will be getting it in a few months wh
17 Tattoo Age in Arkansas? by deltaleah
I'm 17. I'm in Arkansas visiting family, and I'd like to get a tattoo. Does anybody know how old you have to be to get a tattoo here with parent permi


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