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Forum >> All Tags >> white ink
Rating Post
1 White Ink Tattoos and Tattoo Lettering by elloerika
I am thinking of getting my first tattoo. I would like a word tattoo in white ink on one of my fingers. I was wondering how other people's white i
2 White Ink by d3adkl0wn
I was just wondering if anyone hd any tips for an all white ink tattoo... i'm worried that the stencil/ transfer may cause coloring.... any hint's or
3 white over blackwork by whatwhatwhat
I tried to do a search, but I couldn't find anything. If there are many threads on this I would appreciate help finding them. I've seen some reall
4 help! white ink fail by notjessie
I got a white ink tattoo on my bicep now six months ago. It has now turned brown in some areas, these are mostly where tracing ink had gotten in the t
5 White Ink Tattoos by SeeFrankRun
I saw a white ink tattoo for the first time this weekend. . . it looked like a cattle brand. I want to learn more about them. Is it the same process a


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