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Forum >> All Tags >> wrist tattoo
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1 Wrist Tattoo? by dcjaime
I am currently considering getting my third tattoo, and my ideal location is on my inner wrist. I am looking for a small tattoo, about the size of a
2 help some info please by onji
could i get a tattoo on my wrist if im 16 with a parent please reply ASAP dont really have time
3 New Question Re: Wrist Tattoo & Size by dcjaime
I am considering a tattoo on the inside of my right wrist. Not only will it be on the inside of my wrist, but it will be off-center, with the design
4 Question... by Lily0790
I got a heart on my wrist two weeks ago and the scabbing has come completely off, but now it looks extremely wrinkly. Think it still has to peel but i
5 Questions on Getting one by Darren884
I might get one I got a few questions, I want it on my left wrist, now I am gonna be 18 and be a senior in high school next year, all i want is like a
6 Getting My First Tattoo.. A few questions by darkdragonfly
Hi, My names Cam and Im 17 and have been wanting to get a dragonfly tattoo for some time now. I will be getting it in a few months wh


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