y tree. The drizzle makes the win

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y tree. The drizzle makes the win

Post by ylqylq » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:53 pm

The wind wafted through the cracks in the leaves. It was cool and soft, and it was very comfortable to blow on people. The clearness of the moon flows in the fields like water. The thin mist floats like a veil, and the surroundings are hazy, making people seem to walk into a dreamlike world. If there is no path, meandering underfoot. The field is full of mature crop scent, which makes people feel comfortable Marlboro Red. An unknown bug sang softly in the grass, with a subtle voice, like a tremolo from the ground. In the distance, the lights of the farmhouse windows came through the night, adding a charming charm to this warm night. The bright moonlight on the cherry blossoms is reflected on the tops of cherry blossom trees. The wind gently swayes the flowers and bones. The pink flowers dance like a shy girl. It was like snow falling down, and the petals of pale pink covered the whole sky. At ten o'clock that night, my grandfather and I won the chess game under this cherry tree. The drizzle makes the wind cold, and the light smoke sparses the willows and the sunny beach. Entering Huaiqing Luo gradually. Xuemo milk flower floats in the afternoon, and Artemisia annua shoots are tested in spring plate. The taste in the world is Qinghuan. With a square table and a chessboard, black and white pawns can ��battle with soldiers.�� The ancients said: ��The three-footed battle is a battlefield; Chen Ju is dead, and the two enemies are difficult to deal with. Grandpa ��s tall and sloppy torso is victorious The hard face, the rustic and large coat, the rough and thin hands, and the ceramic cup inlaid with the Go chessboard pattern in my hand, is what I remember in my grandfather's hands. Grandpa caressed him The slender beard, holding chess in one hand and holding the cup in the other, played with "I" cheerfully. No matter how fast the "I" settled, he always thought unhurriedly, revealing deep in his eyes. Gaze, after a while, Grandpa gently clamped the chess pieces with two fingers, and landed on the crisscross grid ... Every time I play chess, I lose. Vaguely I remember one time, the wind caressed my face, The sakura blossoming with the milky moonlight shook slightly, bringing bursts of fragrance. This game must be my loss, and the difference between the two sides was as much as 30 Newport 100S. I had an idea in my mind, while Grandpa was drinking tea, I stole it. A chess piece, my mesh count grows to 15 Secretly hid. Grandpa finished the tea, put down the tea cup Parliament Cigarettes, looked at the chessboard, smiled slightly, pointed to the place where I stole the chess pieces, and said, "You, the naughty ghost, have played chess, don't look at Grandpa old, But I still have the ability to remember chess, this game has long been fixed in my heart. After talking and laughing, Huangmei seasons were raining, frogs were everywhere in the grassy ponds. There were no nights and a half, and I knocked chessmen and lanterns on these summer nights, and enjoyed in the quiet and gentle moonlight. Sitting under the cherry trees in the small courtyard, I feel that time flies around like water, and life so light as water is so wonderful.
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