Some of the BEST in the tattoo industry:

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Some of the BEST in the tattoo industry:

Post by Tattude » Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:48 am

A list of “the who’s who” in the tattoo industry:
These are top notch artists, so don’t ask who the best is. One of these guys/gals can help you out! Type their name in google and you'll have all the info needed on these amazing artists.

Aaron Bell - Seattle, WA
Aaron Cain - Key West, FL
Adrian Lee - San Jose, CA
Anil Gupta - Manhattan, NY
Asakusa Horiyasu – Japan
Bob Tyrell - Toronto, Ontario
Boris - Hungary
Brandon Bond - Atlanta, GA
Carlos Torres - San Pedro, CA
Chris O'Donnell - NYC
Corey Cudney - Buffalo, NY
Cory Kruger - Clinton, MA
Dana Helmuth - Salisbury, Maryland
Darrin White - Asheville, NC
Dave Fox - Philly
Dave Martinez - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Deano Cook - Atlanta, GA
Filip Leu - Lausanne Switzerland
Grime - San Francisco, CA
Guy Aitchison - He travels the convention circuit
Heather McLean - Calgary, Canada
Henning Jorgensen - Denmark
Hiro - Japan
Horitaku - San Jose
Hori- Yen
Horiyoshi III – Japan
Jason Brooks - Austin
Jason Stieva - Whitby, Canada
Jeff Gogue - Grants Pass, Oregon
Jeremiah Barba - Dana Point, CA
Jesse Smith - Richmond, VA
Joe Capobianco - New Haven, CT
Josh Carlton - Indianapolis, IN
Josh Woods - ATL, GA.
Kurt Wiscombe - Winnipeg, Canada
Larry Brogan - Lockport, IL
Marco Cerretelli - Hollywood, CA
Miami Burgess - Douglassville, GA
Mike Devries & his girl too, Kherstin(sp) same shop - Hesperia, CA
Mike Parsons - Tampa, FL
Mike Roper - Tempe, AZ
Miyazo - Osaka, Japan
Monte - Indianapolis, IN
Nate Beavers - Houston, TX
Nick Baxter - East Hampton, MA
Nikko Hurtado - Apple Valley, Ca
Paris Pierides - Nicosia, Cyprus
Paul Acker - Philly, PA
Paul Booth - NYC
Pavel Angel - Moscow, Russia
Petri Syrjälä - Helsinki, Finland
Rob Hernandez - Madrid, Spain
Rudy Fritsch - UK
Shane O'neill - Bear, DE
Shige - Japan
Stephane Chaudesaigues - France
Steve Moore – Vancouver, Canada
Tim Hendricks - Miami, FL
Tim Kern - Brooklyn, NY
Tom Renshaw - Livonia, MI
Tony Ciavarro - Kingston, MA
Victor Whitmill - Robert, MO

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Post by EvilJay » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:27 am

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