addicted 2 tattoos!!!

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addicted 2 tattoos!!!

Post by hawaii » Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:15 pm


Hey My name is Hawaiitattoo, I have gotten very addicted to tattoos ever since my first one on my leg 2 years ago. I now have 4 and I am getting a new one this month for my birthday. I have one on each shoulder and now one on each leg. I want 18 in all when I am finished, although I doubt I will ever want to be finished. I have this saying that I can't walk into a tattoo shop without getting a tattoo. lol

Well I just wanted to intro myself.

Hope to chat with some of you soon. I will also have some pictures of my tattoos coming soon as I get them loaded.


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Post by Tattude » Thu Aug 11, 2005 9:22 am

Hey, glad to have you around... hope you get more ink soon

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